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Lighting Equipment

Fantastic, unforgettable events don't just make themselves. Lighting and mood are everything! Alaska A/V can make recommendations on the lighting needs of your event and provide the final stage lighting, colored lights and effects lighting, laser lights, lighting control equipment and power supply options. We'll help you plan your lighting to obtain the mood you're looking for and make a lasting i...
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Video Equipment

Mesmerize your audience with incredible, high-definition video and imagery. Record your event, broadcast it, or simply put your host or speakers up on the big screen for all to see. From cameras to computers, LED screens to projectors, Alaska A/V will help you determine what sort of video equipment you need, where best to place it, and we'll even set it up. If ever there was an aspect of your e...
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Audio Equipment

This segment of our rental equipment consists of a variety of microphones, speakers of various sizes with mounting options, amplification and sound effects equipment, cabling or wireless adapters and more. As always, Alaska A/V will help you determine what your event does and does not need, helping you to remain within budget while ultimately still hosting a spectacular event that everyone can hea...
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